Limited Liability Company "Pars amoris", registration number: 40203047684, legal address: Riga, Krustabaznicas street 1-7, LV-1006 (hereinafter referred to as Pars amoris) has an obligation to protect the privacy of its customers.

Accordingly, we have introduced the principles of Privacy Policy regarding the acquisition, use, publication, transfer and storage of personal data of the customers.

Our activities on the website are conducted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Latvia, as well as relevant European Union law.

1. Pars Amoris processes Customer's personal data on the basis of: - conclusion and execution of an agreement - to conclude a contract upon the Customer's application and to ensure its execution; - for the enforcement of regulatory acts - in order to fulfill a binding obligation in the legal acts.

2. Pars amoris shall process personal data for the following purposes: - to identify the Customer; - for the preparation and conclusion of the contract; - for the supply of goods and services (for the performance of a contractual obligation); - for the promotion and distribution of goods or for commercial purposes; - for customer service; - when handling and processing claims; - for the billing; - to improve an operation of the website.

3. Pars amoris processes Customer data using the advantages of modern technology, taking into account existing privacy risks and available organizational, financial and technical resources.

4. Pars Amoris shall not disclose to Customer the personal data of third parties except in the following cases: - if the third party concerned has to transfer the data within the framework of a contract (for example, the supply of goods); - if the Customer has given a clear and unambiguous consent; - upon a reasonable request of the state authorities, in accordance with the procedure and extent specified in the legal acts.

5. Personal data can be stored: - as long as the agreement with the Customer is in force; - while there is a legal obligation to store data; - as long as the Customer's consent to the relevant processing of the personal data is in effect, unless there is another legal basis for the processing of the data.

6. The Customer is entitled to receive information specified in the legal acts regarding the processing of his data.

7. The Customer is entitled to request the termination of the processing of his / her personal data, to request information about the purposes for which his / her personal data is used, and to request the receive his / her personal data in a widely used format.

8. The Customer may provide consent to receive commercial information either in person, via electronic means of communication (an e- mail or Facebook options) or by calling: +371 24938848.

9. The Customer is entitled to withdraw the consent given to the data processing at any time in the same manner as it was provided.

10. Pars amoris shall communicate with the Customer, using the contact information provided by the Customer (telephone number, e-mail address etc.).

11. The Customer's consent to receive commercial information is valid until its withdrawal. The Customer may at any time refuse to receive further commercial information.

12. For any questions related to Privacy Policy or data processing, and in cases where the Customer wishes to withdraw his / her consent to receive commercial information or to completely delete his / her profile data, please contact us at


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